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1900 or The Last President

Ingersoll Lockwood

Ingersoll Lockwood (2 August 1841 – 30 September 1918), who also wrote under the pseudonym Irwin Longman, was an American diplomat, lawyer and writer. He was appointed by Abraham Lincoln as Consul to the Kingdom of Hannover, until its annexation by Prussia. As a writer, he is nowadays best known today for his children's novels about Baron Trump, a character who has been often compared to his modern day namesake's father.

The Last President by Ingersoll Lockwood is a short novella which illustrates the dangers to the United States of electing a populist president on November 3rd …

… 1896!

Its descriptions do not match the current political climate, but some may argue that certain parallels have already occurred following the election of 2016. What is certain is that, like in 1896, extremists on both sides of the political divide will find comfort and support in its analogies. Moderates, again on both sides, will draw more sober lessons.

Forgotten Classics Edition

This edition of 1990 or The Last President is adapted from the 1896 first edition, published by the American News Company, which was originally copyrighted to the author and is now in the public domain. Where appropriate the spelling and pronunciation has been modernized (US English).

Author Illustation: Ingersoll Lockwood, age 70, author’s photograph, In Varying Mood, 1912

Cover Illustation: John Plumbe, daguerreotype of the White House, c. 1846 (detail))

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