The Puddelbee Company


The Pseudonyms

Jeremiah Puddlebee

The name Puddelbee is a portmanteau of a deliberate mispronunciation of the word puzzle and bee, originally meaning a social event for group activity and now a competitive quiz - as in Spelling Bee. It is also inspired by the name of the fictional village in the children's books of Hugh Lofting.

The combination of the surname with the given name Jeremiah was chosen to give a deliberately old-fashioned sound, and was also inspired by that of a character created by Beatrix Potter.

The image used for this character is from an engraving of Theophrastus von Hohenheim, better known as the renaissance alchemist and doctor Paracelsus.

Rev. Huw Caerphilly

Try reading the name aloud quickly using the Welsh pronunciation of the surname.

The image used for this character is from a 19th century photograph of Rev. Charles Edward Donne, Vicar of St. Mary of Charity, parish church of Faversham, Kent in 1872.

Kachu Gwirion

I'm not sure what this name for this extravagant storyteller means, but it appears to be a Brythonic term of endearment .

The image used for this character is from the 1843 portrait of Charles Dickens by Margaret Gillies

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The Proprietor

I am not a masked vigilante with a secret identity. I am, in fact, an easily-found retired professor, consultant and technology entrepreneur with rather ecletic interests (including the invention of pseudonyms). As an expression of these other interests, The Puddelbee Company is not well-aligned with my professional persona, but it is suited to the persona of Jeremiah Puddelbee.

Copyright Statement

Ownership of the names Puddlebee and Jeremiah Puddelbee is claimed as the property of the author and may only be used for commercial purposes with permission, or by natural persons known to have used the name before October 2020 and their natural or adoptive children.